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Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Texas


At ManCenters, we want men to understand that Sexual Dysfunction is incredibly common and is also a medical condition. Our goal is to understand your underlying condition that caused that Sexual Dysfunction instead of just treating your symptoms with Viagra®, Levitra® or Cialis®. ManCenters was created by men, for men; We take male Sexual Dysfunction seriously.


Male sexual dysfunction really is a problem that is best handled by Urologist and the team that's more specialized in this area of the body.
Our goal is to not treat symptoms with medications but to address the underlying problems to restore health.
When we say address the underlying problem, we are really looking at male hormone balance, prostate health, health of the vessels and the structure of the penis, all issues affecting testicular function.
We use a whole host of different treatments to enhance both sex drive, ejaculation, penis curvature and strength of erections.
Put your trust in a center that can address all issues and that just doesn't focus on a single form of treatment.

Sexual Dysfunction FAQ

What are the main types of male Sexual Dysfunction?

  • erectile dysfunction – difficulty either achieving or maintaining an erection
  • premature ejaculation – reaching orgasm before you or your partner would like you to
  • delayed/inhibited ejaculation – difficulty reaching orgasm, reaching orgasm too slowly, or not reaching orgasm at all
  • retrograde ejaculation – ejaculate flowing back into the body instead of out of the urethra
  • low libido – a reduced interest in sex

  • What are the most common physical causes of male Sexual Dysfunction?

  • low testosterone
  • side effect of medications (antidepressants, hypertension medication)
  • injury to the penis
  • high blood pressure and other blood vessel disorders, including hardening of the arteries
  • stroke
  • nerve damage from diabetes
  • chronic illness
  • smoking, alcoholism or drug abuse

  • What are the most common psychological causes of male Sexual Dysfunction?

  • sexual performance anxiety
  • self-confidence issues
  • relationship or marital issues
  • work or life-related stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • effects of past trauma

  • Do you take insurance?

    Yes we take insurance including such plans as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Memorial Herman Gold, Tricare and UnitedHealthcare.
    We can also work with the Out of Network benefits of most insurances. If you have a doubt about yours, you can always give us a call at (832) 358-8600.