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Genital Pain and Concerns in Texas

Genital Pain and Concerns


We understand this difficult, debilitating problem. You may have been treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication and yet still have pain. We offer a second opinion on this difficult to diagnose and treat problem, and we will quickly continue to work to eliminate your pain.
Pain most likely will result from several conditions such as incompletely treated infections, nerve irritation, genital duct obstruction, inflammation of the prostate, referred pain or abnormal anatomy such as varicoceles or hydroceles.


Common reasons for genital pain are the presence of urethral strictures, which is scar tissue, resistant bacteria, abacterial prostatitis or an enlarged obstructing prostate.
A less frequent but severe cause of bladder pain is bladder cancer. The critical next steps bladder cancer patients and their physicians must take include prostate secretion cultures, flexible cystoscopies (scope examination of the bladder), urine cytologies (pathologist looks at urine for cancer cells) and both medical and surgical treatment of an obstructing prostate and stricture. Many of these procedures can be performed within the ManCenters office, saving the patient money and enhancing convenience.
We offer medical management and surgical management for testicular pain. Our medical management will be an extensive array of different antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.
Our surgical management will be microsurgical denervation of the cord, microsurgical varicocele repair, surgical excision of painful epididymal lesions, and surgical treatment of urethral obstruction.


Is it uncommon for men to experience genital pain?

It isn’t necessarily uncommon for a man to experience genital pain. There are many different components of male genitalia, all of which come with their own set of potential complications, both small and significant. However, it can of course be troubling for a man to experience discomfort or pain in the genital area, and no one wants to deal with pain when it can be avoided. It is therefore well worth getting checked out by a professional medical team like the staff at ManCenters.

Where is the pain or discomfort felt the most?

Male genital pain may include pain or discomfort in the:

  • groin
  • penis
  • scrotum
  • testicles
  • urethra
  • bladder
  • prostate

  • What are the common causes of male genital pain?

  • injury
  • infection
  • sexually transmitted infection
  • incompletely treated infection
  • nerve irritation
  • genital duct obstruction
  • inflammation of the prostate
  • referred pain
  • anatomical abnormalities

  • Do you take insurance?

    Yes we take insurance including such plans as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Memorial Herman Gold, Tricare and UnitedHealthcare.
    We can also work with the Out of Network benefits of most insurances. If you have a doubt about yours, you can always give us a call at (832) 358-8600.

    Where do I get my labs done?

    While there may be more than one Laboratory Service Provider available, ManCenters recommends Southwest Andrology.
    Their closest office to ours is located at 7900 Fannin St Ste 4700, Houston, TX - 77054. You can also reach them at: 7135127600 or online at