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Shang Ring Circumcision in Houston, Tomball, and Webster Texas

Shang Rings circumcision now available at the ManCenters

Novel no-scalpel circumcision technique performed in an office in 10 minutes is available now at the ManCenters!
Great for adolescents and adults!

Circumcision FAQ

What is a Shang Ring Circumcision?

Chinese Shang Ring adult male circumcision (SC) is a safe and effective procedure which is easy to learn and to perform. By a specially designed small device, male circumcision (MC) can be performed in 5 min.

How does Shang Ring Circumcision work?

It is a simple device which consists of 2 concentric plastic rings: the inner ring and the outer ring. The inner ring is lined with a soft silicone pad, which provides a smooth and non-bioreactive surface against the surgical wound. The outer ring consists of 2 halves which are hinged together at the same end. On each side of the halves there is a locking clasp which allows for locking itself with inner ring. When performing circumcision, foreskin will be everted and locked between inner ring and outer ring. Thus, a sandwich including inner ring, redundant foreskin, and outer ring will be formed.