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Urinary Issues

Urinary Issues


Urinary problems can developed during your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.
Some of the common urinary symptoms that we encounter at the ManCenters are urinary frequency, decreased force of stream, pain with urination, dribbling after urination, near incontinence or urinary leakage or having to get up at night to urinate.
Some of the causes of theses symptoms are prostate enlargement, prostate infection, urethral scar tissue or overactive bladder.
The medical professionals at the ManCenters take a comprehensive approach and evaluate all causes and devise a plan to decrease these bothersome symptoms. Men over the age of 40 will also be screened for prostate cancer.

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A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is what can occur when bacteria gets into the urinary tract. While most bacteria inside of the urinary tract is eliminated during urination, the bacteria that remains in the urinary tract is what can cause problems.
A urinary tract infection can often be diagnosed based on symptoms. A quick physical examination may take place, including your nurse practitioner pressing on your chest, back, sides and abdomen to see if you feel any pain or pressure. Your practitioner will give you a urine test, blood test or imaging test to confirm the diagnosis.
Treatment will include antibiotics, urinary tract medications, and changes in lifestyle, such as drinking more liquids. It is extremely important to seek medical attention for urinary tract infections as it is possible for the infection to spread to the kidneys.


Are urinary tract infections in men common?

Urinary tract infections in men are usually prostate infections and not bladder infections. Most of these infections come from bacteria that are present in and around the rectum. The prostate is actually a difficult organ to clear the bacteria and sometimes multiple weeks of antibodies are needed.

What are the common pains associated with urinary issues?

In men, the most common pains include genital, groin and bladder pain. Pain most likely will results from several conditions such as incompletely treated infections, nerve irritation, genital duct obstruction, inflammation of the prostate, referred pain or abnormal anatomy such as varicoceles or hydroceles.

How long do treatments last?

Bladder infections need usually less than a week of antibiotics. Surgical treatment has a role in some conditions and our Urology Specialist will discuss those with you on your initial evaluation.
Prostate infections can require longer treatment sometimes 2 to 4 weeks of treatment.

Do you take insurance?

Yes we take insurance including such plans as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Memorial Herman Gold, Tricare and UnitedHealthcare.
We can also work with the Out of Network benefits of most insurances. If you have a doubt about yours, you can always give us a call at (832) 358-8600.

Where do I get my labs done?

While there may be more than one Laboratory Service Provider available, ManCenters recommends LabCorp/Quest.
Their closest office to ours is located at 9190 Katy Fwy Ste 103, Houston, TX - 77055. You can also reach them at: 7139848449 or online at