“Incredibly quick service and the best doctors in the city. Both Dr. Williams and Dr. Grimaldo explain everything with detail and never make you feel like you’re left out of any decision. I can’t recommend them enough for your male wellness needs.”Raheel Ramzanali

  • Great staff and very knowledgeable. They guided me through an issue I've been struggling with for over a year that 3 other urologists couldn't figure out.

    Luis C. Avatar
    Luis C.

    Visited with Dr. G and had a great experience, very informative.

    Liam K. Avatar
    Liam K.

    Nice employees, doctor was great and procedur went perfect.

    Joshua Z. Avatar
    Joshua Z.

    Procedure went smooth and easy.

    Self-verified p.

    The entire experience and the procedure were fairly easy. There was some mishandling by zocdoc on my original appointment. I had a Friday consultation and a Monday procedure and the short turn around meant I probably did not get all the directions I would've otherwise. However, despite some of the miscommunications, they had a pretty minor impact and overall I am very happy and would easily recommend Dr WIlliams to a friend.

    Chuck M.

    Dr Williams Thoroughly explained every step and the procedure went well with minimal discomfort.

    Self-verified p.

    New patient Very nice and professional staff. The clinic was very updated and clean. Dr Willians was fast and well experienced at his practice during the procedure.

    Self-verified p.

    It was a smooth process.

    Self-verified p.

    I had a vasectomy. Dr. Williams did a great job. It wasnt painful at all the numbing of the area was the as bad as the whole procedure gets. Which wasnt bad at all . It took him less than 10 minutes to do. I figured 8 kids were enough. I highly recommend dr. Williams and the y factor. I couldn't be happier. My nerves were the bad part and him and the staff put me at ease.

    Cody J. Avatar
    Cody J.

    Dr Russel made this procedure very smoothly.

    Self-verified p.

    Wow! Friendly, Professional and Extremely Efficien Great experience overall Carlos was very friendly and informative about the procedure.

    Self-verified p.

    Very thorough and efficient. I felt comfortable and well taken care of.

    Jason H. Avatar
    Jason H.

    Excellent! Thorough and explains what is going on very well. Plus I feel great!!

    Self-verified p.

    Everything went better than expected.

    Self-verified p.

    All very positive in terms of my experience.

    Self-verified p.
  • The team at the Y Center were great, and the procedure was simple.

    Self-verified p.

    Very easy to talk with. He seems invested in my care.

    Self-verified p.

    The staff is extremely polite and very helpful. They took the time to listen to all my problems and concerns. Every question I had was answered with great detail and very informative. I would recommend to friends and family.

    Jesus C. Avatar
    Jesus C.

    Best urologist team ever. I Wouldn’t go anywhere else..

    Catrell W. Avatar
    Catrell W.

    Long story short: I suffered a testicular hernia at the age of 11, had surgery to resolve it. A growth was also found and removed from my testicle during the procedure. I experienced pain and other symptoms like fatigue, low motivation/desire and possibly depression (never tested since I’m pretty sure I hid that one from the people around me) on a daily basis. I remember my father taking me to a plethora of doctors and in my mid 20s I gave up on finding a fix. When my wife and I found out we were unable to have kids, an IVF doc sent me to another urologist who said I had hypergonadism and I would never have kids. This was devastating and even worse after a failed IVF cycle. We switched IVF docs and ended up having success but the doc referred me to Dr Williams if I was concerned over my health. Dr Williams and his staff have been great! They didn’t treat me as a patient number and took the time to talk with me regarding my whole history. After a simple 20 min conversation, it was recommended to get an ultrasound. This ultrasound found what we believe to be my problem and surgery has been done to correct it. Within a month, my energy is back, pain and fatigue are gone.

    Brad M. Avatar
    Brad M.

    Explain everything very well and detailed. Made great recommendations in my future health. Will diffidently be coming back when needed. Will recommend to family and friends.

    Terry P. Avatar
    Terry P.

    Very good explanation of what is taking place, and what will take place. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and concerned.

    Self-verified p.

    Very thorough and detailed. That is a big plus. Friendly staff, and knowledgeable doctor

    Self-verified p.

    Straight to the point. Will recommend.

    Self-verified p.

    Very helpful, good bedside manor.

    Self-verified p.

    I am still pursuing a final solution to my problem.

    Self-verified p.

    Friendly, easy, open and able to talk about everything.

    Self-verified p.

    Dr Williams muy amable y el procedimiento estuvo muy bien.

    Self-verified p.

    Very happy with the service provided. Courteous and very professional throughout the whole scary process. Highly recommend Dr. Williams if you want to do the right thing and get your wife out of the birth control pill.

    Ino P. Avatar
    Ino P.

    Dr. Williams is excellent doctor and a true professional. Scheduling was fast and easy. Dr. Williams as well as staff member Nathan, took time to explain the procedure and did a great of putting me at ease. The whole process went much faster than I expected and there is no pain, just a mild discomfort during numbing. I was nervous going in, but felt a little foolish once it was done because there was nothing to it. Men, don’t make your Ladies suffer in your place. Get the NSV, it’s embarrassingly easy!

    Joshua G.
  • The best, most laid back, but still professional medical provider I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He knows what he is talking about and will not let you slip through the cracks in treatment.


    Doctor Williams is fantastic. He knows how to talk to men.

    Lee V. Avatar
    Lee V.

    A little nervous at first about going but glad I did. Dr Grimaldo took his time and was very thorough with answering my questions and concerns. His staff was great. I’ve already recommended a few friends. Highly recommended.

    Satisfied c.

    My best and most comfortable doctors visit I have had

    Healthgrades U.

    Most efficient appointment I have ever had in any setting. Nurse called me as soon as entry paperwork was done. After explaining the procedure the Dr walked in minutes later to start procedure. Performed quickly and he had a good, relaxing bedside manner. Procedure went exactly as described. Afterwards, nurse was immediately ready to debrief and get me out the door with the follow up information I needed. 40 minutes all told. No wasted movement. Really impressive.

    Phillip J.

    I recently used their dietitian, Jennifer, and got great results. I lost over 30 pounds and am in much better overall health. I would highly recommend them. thanks

    darrin b. Avatar
    darrin b.

    Really like how the doctors take the time to explain their recommended treatments.

    David F. Avatar
    David F.

    Dr. Grimaldo and Dr. Williams genuinely care about you as a patient. They assure that your health and well-being is their top priority. They really do take the time to assure that you understand the treatment plan and next steps to take. Not once in any of my consultations did I feel rushed. Their clinic is awesome! I loved their self-patient check in on the Ipad kiosk and the TV in the room to keep you entertained. They have excellent bed side manners and communication skills. Highly recommend

    P. G.

    Everything was great, but it was a scavenger hunt to get further testing needed to treat me at other medical locations. I would have thought the Man Centers/Y Factor would have those types of testing done at their facilities so its a one-stop shop.

    Brent A.

    He was very caring and concerned about whatever it was that I was concerned about. Was very re-assuring that things can be fixed and he also supplied some humor along with the diagnosis.

    Stephen B.

    He was very easy to talk to, was professional, and not intimidating at all. I felt at ease. I would recommend him.

    Matt F.

    He made me feel calm and confident about my procedure.

    Brandon S.

    It was an awesome experience. Although am still waiting for the test results but the staffs and doctor himself was very co-operative.

    Zocdoc u.

    The staff were friendly but really slow the waiting time was endless too!

    Zocdoc u.

    hola ,yo tenia el sindrome de peyronie y no tenía la circuncisión el Dr.Rusell williams y su magnifico equipo de colaboradores , fueron muy amables y profesionales desde la primera cita , el Dr. williams realizo mi cirugía con magníficos resultados ,el personalmente verificando que todo estuviera bien después de la cirugía ,estoy muy satisfecho con el trabajo que me realizaron , lo recomiendo ampliamente . MUCHAS GRACIAS.

    Joel M. Avatar
    Joel M.
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