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“Incredibly quick service and the best doctors in the city.”

Webster Male Clinic

ManCenter is a male health clinic in Webster Texas made just for men. We have excellent doctors that care about you and your health. Some of the services we provide are vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, circumcision, and male fertility.

Have you recently googled urologist vasectomy near me? ManCenters male health clinic in Webster offers a no-scalpel vasectomy. It takes our doctors about 15 minutes to do this painless reversible surgery. Using a hemostat to close the tube, (vas) will block sperm from exiting with semen. Everything will still feel and be the same as before. It is almost 100 percent effective for birth control and can be reversed.

If you are interested in reversed vasectomy we can check your sperm count then reconnect the vas deferens. Although it’s not guaranteed to work, we will do everything possible to reverse the vasectomy.

ManCenters is also a circumcision clinic. Using FDA approved Shang Ring to perform circumcisions makes the procedure less painful, most men are back at work the very next day. Surgery will last about 15 minutes with a local anesthesia and you will be able to return home that same day. If you are experiencing pain or have an infection or want the foreskin removed for cosmetic or religious reasons we have circumcision specialist at the male clinic in Pearland.

Male fertility testing is also available at ManCenters. Semen analysis, semen freezing and the quality of semen can be tested. We want men to be able to have children naturally so taking the time to make an appointment to test your little ones to keep them and yourself healthy is something men should do.

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